Life is good! At least…for the moment.

June 21, 2007 at 10:30 pm (Actors, college, life, Sleep)

So, I’m back from orientation. It was awesome. I made a few friends and I scheduled my classes!! That part was REALLY easy, a lot easier for me then for most other people. Mostly because I had almost all of my classes already scheduled for me because I’m in the Acting Option. YAY for majoring in acting!

I just had to pick two other classes to go with all my theatre stuff. I’m taking English 103, Acting 1, Theatre aesthetics, Stagecraft, Freshman experience, and Walking.

Yes thats right, I’m taking fitness walking. For my PE credit. I walk for 50 minutes every Monday and Wednesday, then I have a lecture for the class Wednesday as well. Most of my classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Except for Freshman experience, which is Tuesday, and my stagecraft Lab which is Thursday…and three hours long.

But its ok cus it should be cool.


I’m excited!!! Especially since my first class is at 9:00!! SO I CAN SLEEP!! WOOOO!!!



Later all. Oh and if anyone has college advice…feel free to share!! Thanks!!


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June 13, 2007 at 1:47 pm (Dogs, Driving, life, Little brothers, Rabbits, Sleep, teenagers, Video games)

So, I was rudely awoken this morning by the sound of Bryan (My little brother) knocking on my door saying that I had to watch Sean (My Other little brother, who’s 5) because Bryan had driving lessons,¬†So I got up.

And now I’m really tired because I inexplicably stayed up til 3:00 last night and since I woke up at 8:00 I’m running on 5 hours of sleep!! YAY!! Go me.

Well its summer, I didn’t know I had to get up today no one shared that bit of information with me.

So now I’m sitting at my dads computer typing and watching Sean play a¬†Video game¬†where he shoots at rabbits with a plunger…

Its sort of surreal really, watching a five year old shoot plungers at animated rabbits. But the rabbits have their OWN plungers and shoot back so…I guess its OK. Especially since you don’t ACTUALLY SHOOT them, with like a gun.

¬†And hey! There’s a rabbit wearing sunglasses and a bandanna so I guess its unrealistic anyway.

It kinda sounds like a dogs dream. Or maybe nightmare?? who knows.

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