YAY!! Sean Bean…

July 19, 2007 at 6:27 pm (Actors, Boys, Pictures, sean bean, Soccer, Uncategorized)

So…I’m bored out of my skull and find myself with more Sean bean pictures then a person should rightfully HAVE. So I figured why not share a few. You know spread the joy/love. He really is a beautiful guy. Rather bad a being married (I believe he’s been divorced 3 times now) but he loves his children, and is a massive Football fan. Or rather Soccer…if you happen to be an American like myself.

Why the hell do we call it soccer anyway…football makes more sense doesn’t it? I mean…you don’t kick the ball all that often in football anyway…you throw it…and what the hell does Soccer mean anyway? Is it a made up word? Can ANYONE answer that question for me? Someone? I’ve played Soccer for years but…no explanation…*shrugs*

ANYWAY! Sean Bean pics. Here ya go!!

Sean Bean

Sean Bean

Sean Bean



photoshae29.jpg Huge Picture that…click it it’ll get bigger…


Ok so…thats it for today…Oh hey…Sean Bean’s shirtless on my TV screen…rent Extremely Dangerous if you’re a Sean Bean fan. You’ll like it. TRUST ME.

Thats all for today. LATER ALL!


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Mmmm…Sean Bean…vacation update!

July 2, 2007 at 12:27 am (camping, country club, National Treasure, sean bean, sun burn)

So, I’m on vacation chilling at my uncles house in New Jersey. Tis fun…I guess. I mean I’m the only 19 year old in sight have been all weekend and most likely will be for the next four days.

But my mom and I are gonna go to Ikea on the way back from the camp ground on Thursday so I’ll just look forward to that. Not that I don’t ❤ camping I DO ❤ camping I’d just rather either be on my own or with people my own age.

 ANYWAY!! At the moment I’m using my uncles computer whilst watching National Treasure on the TV in the living room. A friken HUGE TV at that. You should see the home theatre thing in the basement its CRAZY. They have a projection screen thing its awesome and huge. Sean Bean is on the TV and it makes me really happy because I LOVE SEAN BEAN. Like REALLY love him. No I would never turn into like a stalker or anything but I WOULD most likely cry if I met him. If I were about to die my last wish would be to meet Sean bean. Well…okay maybe not…but who knows.

I think hes awesome. 😀

Anyway vacation has been rather uneventful. We went to lunch at Uncle Mikes Country Club thing…which was well…country club-ish. *Shrugs* Its really nothing to write home about so…I don’t really know why I’m writing about it other then to say, I was only out for like an hour and the sun wasn’t even that intense and still…I am burnt.


Thus is the life of a girl with Irish skin tones…and freckles…


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