*Sigh* Photoshop…

November 30, 2007 at 3:56 am (Angelina Jolie, college, computers, Concerts, Driving, Fiction Plane, Joe Sumner, life, music, teenagers, Weight loss)

So I’m working on a photoshop presentation for English class. Not my favorite thing to do, I’d rather write paper any day. Its not that I don’t LIKE being creative, just not while using computers. I think technology hates me. Like ALLOT. I took a test online yesterday and the results never got sent in (YAY inquisit *rolls eyes*) THUS earning me a zero. Which make me UNBELIEVABLY happy let me tell you *Pushing the sarcasm button* *sigh*On the upside, Bon Jovi ROCKS and…so does Fiction Plane. I’m going to a Fiction Plane concert in C-bus next week, and I’m really excited. YAAAAAY Fiction Plane, AND They’re playing with Cold War Kids, which is awesome. All in all, I’m excited. Sure, I have to go to class the next morning, and I have to drive three hours to get to C-bus from here…but hey, I’m in college. I’m allowed to do stupid things THAT way in the future I can say “Yeah, this one time in college I drove three hours to se Fiction Plane when I had CLASS the next day…I ROCK…” My hallway is really loud…they’ve been screaming allot lately. Not sure why, I generally don’t ask. But it does get rather annoying at points.You know what else is annoying? Our elevators don’t work. Therefor I have to walk up 8 floors of stairs, like…all the time. And that sucks. I all ready lost 15 pounds! I don’t need to lose anymore!! Granted I may not be in shape but still…I think the fact that I now weigh like 125 pounds speaks for itself. I don’t need to weigh 120…or even 115. I’d look disgustingly thin and that just wouldn’t make me happy. I know hollywood seems to think that being able to see a persons bones is AMAZINGLY attractive, but really…its gross. Come on. Angelina Jolie’s arms…are disgusting. She may be pretty but her arms make me want to throw up. She needs to eat a damn cookie or something… that is all. Comment if you’d like! Later all!!! 


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October 18, 2007 at 8:17 pm (angst, Boys, college, life, love, teenagers)

I havn’t updated in quite a long time…sorry all!

So I’m going home this weekend!! YAY!!! ^_^ I havn’t been home in quite a long time…two months to be exact. I’m excited to see everyone.

Lots of stuff has happened since I last updated. I have a boyfriend now. He’s 25, and the sweetest guy ever. I like him allot, I wish he’d let me pay for stuff sometimes, cus I feel bad that he always pays…but thats something I’ll just have to keep working on.

He’s 6 years older then me…its a little hard to handle at times. Most of the time it doesn’t matter at all. I’m mature and he’s very careful around me…but sometimes I do sorta wish I was going out with someone my own age. Not enough to leave my relationship behind, I mean I REALLY like him and he really likes me and thats all that matters…its just weird sometimes…you know?

Boy called me today. I havn’t actually SPOKEN to him in like 5 months. SUre we talked over AIM, but it was weird to hear his voice. He called completely at random to. We’re gona hang out this weekend I think, hopefully it won’t cause to much angst…I’m commited to my boyfriend and now he has a girlfriend so we should be okay…but still…he’ll always ALWAYS be the boy that could have been…which is difficult. I mean I guess I still like him…thats a lie I DO still like him, but I’ve got to come to grips with the fact that we’ll never ever be together.

I’ve moved on. I’ve got a boyfriend now who I adore and who adores me. Thats all I need.

Its just weird he called me…


yay for angst.

I should finish packing so I can go home…Talk to ya’ll later and I’ll let you know what went on this weekend. yupyup!!


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Surefire ways to make yourself feel sick…

September 15, 2007 at 5:32 pm (coffee, college, life, teenagers)

Surefire ways to make yourself feel sick…and several other things I’ve learned…

1. stay up til 4am repeatedly when you KNOW you have to get up at 8:00

2. Stay up til 3am, get up at 8am…chug two starbucks double shots befor English class…and then not eat anything til like 1:00…

3. Chug a thing of milk befor English class…

4. Cleaning apparently…I cleaned yesterday and all it got me was a stuffed up nose…damn dust. Either I should give up or clean more often…dunno which I’d rather do. Clean more often I think…

…I’m sure there are more ways, I just havn’t done anything else to abuse myself by accident yet…

You know what else I learned…always have your umbrella…cus the ONE time you don’t have it with you…it will inevitably pour.

OH! and…try not to leave your shoes in random classrooms…it makes life difficult…

Annnnnd the best music to listen to if you wanna wake up is Mika. Not Breaking Benjamin…although they rock…

You know whats weird…I drank two double shot espresso things this morning…didn’t feel the slightest bit more energized. I’m worried that I’m just immune to caffein at this point…and if coffee won’t wake me up, what in the hell am I supposed to do? Grawr.

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August 24, 2007 at 12:57 am (college, life)

So, I can feel myself slipping into the “I’m so awkward no one likes me…” thing all over again. I go through this every year, its just bad cus at the moment I only really have like 2 friends here.

I mean I talk to the theatre people but its like…I’m not one of them. They hang out in groups and stuff and I sit in my dorm room, unsure of what to do because I’m shy, and awkward and not as atractive as the rest of them.

It sucks, because I don’t want to be so down on myself, I want to be liked so badly but…hrmp. This is really hard to describe. I want to make friends I jsut don’t know how.


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August 20, 2007 at 2:41 pm (college)


So I havn’t updated since I left, which is bad of me. But OH WELL! I’ll update as I wait for the bathroom to stop being cleaned so I can go get a shower.

I moved into the dorms several days ago, and honestly, it was pretty easy. If it hadn’t of been 102 degrees out it would have been VERY easy. I got to Mysch to move in and my dad decided to wait on the grass with the majority of my stuff while I took a bag up and went to check out my room. I went up to my room and then stood there waiting for my mom, who was taking the elevator, and then all of a sudden three of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen showed up at my door. The one said “Is this your stuff?” And I was like “…yeah…” and I was confused until my dad showed behind them. I guess they were just grabbing peoples stuff anf moving it for them.

It was awesome.

I made a few friends, which is great.

Classes started today. My first class was English, which seems like it’ll be pretty damn cool. Its a writing class so all I gotta do is like…write. Which I think I’m good at. I DO have to get word on my computer somehow though, does anyone know how to do that? I don’t…

Anyways…I have Acting class next…so I should go change and stuff. More later!! Ta!

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Cus I’m LEAAAAAVING on a jet plane…

August 15, 2007 at 9:16 pm (college, Leaving Home)

Except I’m not really, I’m driving to College. Not flying. That’d be stupid to fly somewhere thats only two and a half hours away.

Yup, thats right I leave for Ball State in a little under 24 hours. Actually 18 hours from now I think.


Okay my panic attack is over (Thats a complete lie, but oh well.) I can’t believe I’m leaving so soon. Its crazy, I never thought it would arrive so quickly. I mean it feels like I just graduated from high school three weeks ago or something. I can’t believe I’m actually moving forward with life. OH MY GOD!!!

I’m excited.

and scared.

Wish me luck ya’ll!!!!

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So…not that much going on…

August 1, 2007 at 12:07 am (college, Homesickness, life, Movies)

Yeah, as I said befor…not that much happening other then me giving in to my Joesph Fiennes obsession. I have an obsession with J names for some reason….whatever. ANYWAY, I spent my day watching Shakespear in Love. Great movie that…Makes me cry every time…or well…almost, there may not be tears, but whatever.

Uuuummmmm…I saw a trailer for a Viggo Mortensen movie the other day that looked really good. Twas called Eastern Promises. I’d love to see it but I’ll be in Indiana when it comes out and I’m betting its a limited release movie and we won’t get it in Muncie. I’ll just have to wait til it comes out on DVD I guess.

Ummmmmmm…wow thats alot of Umm’s. Whatever. I go one vacation with Janet on friday then after that I go to Ball state. OHHHHH MY GOOOOOOOOD. Its so close now, like I’m on the edge of a panic attack I know I am. I’m gonna freak out!!!!

I’m still a bit weary of being away from home, but Its all a part of growing up right? I mean, I wanna travle in life and it has to start somewhere, I can’t always live at home. I’d never get anywhere. Which would really be a pity I LOVE going to other countries and such.

Anyway, I just thought I would update as I havn’t in awhile so…there it is.

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Life as I know it…

July 26, 2007 at 2:16 am (college, Fiction Plane, Jobs, life)


I got a new laptop, thus exhausting most of the money in my bank account. Its a Mac book. and I’m pleased to say its working quite well. I hope it continues. Don’t steer me wrong Justin Long…. 😉

ANYWAY…I’ve been talking to my roommate on facebook. I like her, I think we’ll get along well…so that rocks.

And…I ended up watching all the kids at Christy’s today…7 small children to be exact. For about 4 hours…it drove me up a wall. I don’t know how she does it. I mean…really…I couldn’t do it all year long…I was only supposed to be watching 5 kids then one got dropped off unexpectedly and then another kid just…showed up. I didn’t really know what to do so I let him stay I mean it wasn’t like I could tell him to leave or anything…

I had to change I diper, it wasn’t dirty so I didn’t have it all that bad, but I’ve never changed dipers befor so I hope to GOD I got it right…its pretty self explanitory anyway.

*Sigh* I get to go do it all again tomorrow. I mean…I think kids are cute and all but…7 was a little much for me. It should be better tommorow.

Then I got to go clean. I vaccumed Dennis Hudai (Is THAT how you spell it? I don’t think so…) for a good hour. The only thing that kept me sane was my iPod…thank GOD for Fiction Plane is all I can say. I mean…if I didn’t have Fiction Plane playing loudly as I vaccumed the monotony of the noise would have driven me up a wall….and somehow I eneded up covered in dirt. I don’t mind dirt so much, I mean…dirt can be fun. But only if its MY dirt…I don’t really like being covered in other peoples dirt so much…

isn’t my life boring? its sad…I should meet people like Joe Sumner more often…he’s got an exciting life…and therefor made mine more exciting. At least for like a week. One day I’ll have an exciting life…or so I hope…

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*sigh* Homesick before I’ve even left home

July 23, 2007 at 6:40 pm (college, homesick, Homesickness, life)

So last night I found myself sick to my stomach and found myself thinking about how much I missed my mom. Which is stupid because she was just down the hall. It wasn’t so much how much I missed my mom as how much I’m GOING to miss my mom that kicked it. I found myself crying for a bit then I promptly got over it.

I’m just really freaked out about leaving for college. I mean…my mom and I are really close. I mean I used to cry when she left me at camp for five days. I’ve since gotten allot better but it leaves me thinking…how am I gonna handle being SO FAR AWAY for SO long. I think I’ll be fine, I man I’ll just have to distract myself and the like right.

I’ll be busy with theatre stuff and other people will be going through the same thing as well right? So I’ll be fine.

Some one just give me a few words of advice. that would be great…

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Life is good! At least…for the moment.

June 21, 2007 at 10:30 pm (Actors, college, life, Sleep)

So, I’m back from orientation. It was awesome. I made a few friends and I scheduled my classes!! That part was REALLY easy, a lot easier for me then for most other people. Mostly because I had almost all of my classes already scheduled for me because I’m in the Acting Option. YAY for majoring in acting!

I just had to pick two other classes to go with all my theatre stuff. I’m taking English 103, Acting 1, Theatre aesthetics, Stagecraft, Freshman experience, and Walking.

Yes thats right, I’m taking fitness walking. For my PE credit. I walk for 50 minutes every Monday and Wednesday, then I have a lecture for the class Wednesday as well. Most of my classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Except for Freshman experience, which is Tuesday, and my stagecraft Lab which is Thursday…and three hours long.

But its ok cus it should be cool.


I’m excited!!! Especially since my first class is at 9:00!! SO I CAN SLEEP!! WOOOO!!!



Later all. Oh and if anyone has college advice…feel free to share!! Thanks!!

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