I really need to keep up with this…

May 11, 2008 at 5:27 pm (life) (, )


Long time no write huh? Yeah. That’s my fault (Duh) I need to keep on top of this I really really do.

Things I’ve realized this week:

1. I’m shit with improv. I really, I have a brain block sometimes I think.

2. Anything sexual makes me instantaneously uncomfortable. How awesome is that. I’m SO sheltered, and I’ve been through a whole year of college. I’m almost 20 for gods sake.  I’m not saying I need to go sleep around, but jesus  I shouldn’t want to blush and cover my ears any time someone says the word sex. I don’t even like typing it. Sex. Sex sex sex sex sex. Sex. (You know, the more I type that the more I start to think thats not actually a real word…its just, a bizarre word…really)

Okay, well…I’m over the typing thing I guess.

*head desk*

Goals for this summer:

1. Get a job

2. keep a journal

3. Observe people (Twas given this direction by an acting teacher)

4. Be a more open person

5. Not be so god damn awkward

6. Learn how to stop cursing in front of my dad. He rather dislikes cursing. I got yelled at because I said the word Damn the other day. And Sean wasn’t even in the room, there were NO small children about whatsoever. So…the cursing stops here…

7. GET A DAMN JOB. I need money!


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