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So i just got a job in child care! WOOO! It only pays $7 an hour but whatever, but its all good. Money rocks so I’ll take what I can get. My dad wants me to pick up a second job, buuuuut we’ll see. It depends how many hours I get on this one.

I’m supposed to be keeping a journal…hasn’t happened yet. Oops…ha…I’m such a slacker. But only when it comes to journals.

I watched a play the other day that made me realize what I was doing wrong in my acting, hopefully I’ll be able to be better next year! SEE I OBSERVED DAMN IT! I DID WHAT YOU ASKED! You know who you are…

On a side note: I’m now obsessed with Evil Dead the Musical…it makes me wish I could sing…just a little bit. Seriously the songs are incredibly catchy for being based off of a B movie from the 80’s. WOO Bruce Campbell. I bow to your superior awesome-ness.

…on another random note…we should seriously hop on this Zombie movie guys. I have a camera. We could seriously just run around in the woods and scream alot. And run chest first like that chick in Evil Dead (And almost ever horror movie ever made) who gets violated by the tree. Thats something you should never do when running from…well…anything really. Don’t run chest first. It’ll throw off your balance. And then you’ll get violated by possessed evil trees. Or an axe murderer.

Or you’ll just fall on your face, either way. Not fun.

Later yo’s!


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I really need to keep up with this…

May 11, 2008 at 5:27 pm (life) (, )


Long time no write huh? Yeah. That’s my fault (Duh) I need to keep on top of this I really really do.

Things I’ve realized this week:

1. I’m shit with improv. I really, I have a brain block sometimes I think.

2. Anything sexual makes me instantaneously uncomfortable. How awesome is that. I’m SO sheltered, and I’ve been through a whole year of college. I’m almost 20 for gods sake.¬† I’m not saying I need to go sleep around, but jesus¬† I shouldn’t want to blush and cover my ears any time someone says the word sex. I don’t even like typing it. Sex. Sex sex sex sex sex. Sex. (You know, the more I type that the more I start to think thats not actually a real word…its just, a bizarre word…really)

Okay, well…I’m over the typing thing I guess.

*head desk*

Goals for this summer:

1. Get a job

2. keep a journal

3. Observe people (Twas given this direction by an acting teacher)

4. Be a more open person

5. Not be so god damn awkward

6. Learn how to stop cursing in front of my dad. He rather dislikes cursing. I got yelled at because I said the word Damn the other day. And Sean wasn’t even in the room, there were NO small children about whatsoever. So…the cursing stops here…

7. GET A DAMN JOB. I need money!

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