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So, I’ve been sleeping like ALL DAY…and I realize that I sort of need to do something. So, I pull out my computer and try to write a chapter for Angels She has Heard on High, my story, only I can’t. *sigh*

Like my Brain is DEAD! DEAD I TELL YOU! Or my muse just won’t wake up, maybe he’s asleep still. *kicks muse*  WAKE UP DAMN YOU!!!

Then again, maybe its not my muse because I can’t seem to write my English paper either. Although thats because I hate my English class. I should really attempt to start that paper, buuuuuuut I don’t want to. At all. I’m supposed to be writing about family Photo’s its not working for me. I guess I could write about how families have changed over the years, but like its not really a topic that speaks to me.  My family for one is pretty normal, with the exception of my little brother being 14 years younger then myself.

No one is ever online when I need inspiration, that sucks. *Sigh*

In other news: I’m on a Damien Rice kick…Dunno why…*shrugs*

Someone give me some good music suggestions. Music is part of my Muse, and I need some new stuff…really like emotional music…


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