August 20, 2007 at 2:41 pm (college)


So I havn’t updated since I left, which is bad of me. But OH WELL! I’ll update as I wait for the bathroom to stop being cleaned so I can go get a shower.

I moved into the dorms several days ago, and honestly, it was pretty easy. If it hadn’t of been 102 degrees out it would have been VERY easy. I got to Mysch to move in and my dad decided to wait on the grass with the majority of my stuff while I took a bag up and went to check out my room. I went up to my room and then stood there waiting for my mom, who was taking the elevator, and then all of a sudden three of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen showed up at my door. The one said “Is this your stuff?” And I was like “…yeah…” and I was confused until my dad showed behind them. I guess they were just grabbing peoples stuff anf moving it for them.

It was awesome.

I made a few friends, which is great.

Classes started today. My first class was English, which seems like it’ll be pretty damn cool. Its a writing class so all I gotta do is like…write. Which I think I’m good at. I DO have to get word on my computer somehow though, does anyone know how to do that? I don’t…

Anyways…I have Acting class next…so I should go change and stuff. More later!! Ta!


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