Not much going on…

June 12, 2007 at 2:01 am (college, Driving, life)


I have determined that I need a job, but in order to get a job, I need to drive. Well I don’t really NEED to drive but, it would be helpful.

And I’m terrified of driving.

Like, seriously terrified. How does one get over a fear of driving? By driving….I think…


Or maybe I’ll just move to NYC…it works. I’m and Actress, hopefully I’ll end up there ANYWAY…or maybe London. Hell if I go to LA then I guess I’ll have to learn to dive but whatever. Thats A LONG way away I still gotta get through 4 years of college.

Which reminds me…I’m going to college. I have Orientation in like…8 days. And I move in like August 15’th.

I have so much stuff to do it’s INSANE!!!! I need EVERYTHING. Clothes, a computer, sheets, you name it I need it.





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